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Over the last few years, the number of businesses owned by womxn of color, specifically Black womxn, has increased by 164%. However, income levels and business revenue have failed to complement this groundbreaking growth. Womxn of color still earn exponentially less in their businesses, and many owners have incomes that place them within the poverty bracket. SMBI combats the disparities in revenue and funding opportunities for underrepresented womxn founders. Since its inception, SMBI has advocated for underrepresented womxn founders' rights and works to eradicate earning gaps within entrepreneurship.

About SMBI

The She Means Business Incubator helps underrepresented womxn founders develop viable business models and scale their operations. We charge a program fee for our incubator as opposed to taking equity away from startup founders. Our goal is to help womxn founders retain as much ownership of their companies as possible.

Our signature 8-week program guides early-stage founders through the business development pipeline with the support of SMBI Trainers and cohort model. We provide cohort participants with a safe and communal virtual space where they can immerse themselves in personal and professional development. In the She Means Business Incubator we offer:

Accountability Pods
Collaborative Learning
Culturally Relevant Framework
Diversity & Inclusion
Financial Education

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She Means Business Starter Fund

Less than 20% of businesses ran by women of color receive traditional business loans to cover startup costs. Additionally, women of color account for less than 2% of the firms that receive venture capital funding. It’s time to put financial resources in the hands of those who need it the most.


The Voices of Our Alumni

The She Means Business Incubator is the starting ground for innovative womxn entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft and desire to operate businesses that aid economic growth in their communities.

Shana C.
Wellness Entrepreneur

Grateful for this experience! It's forcing me to totally reevaluate my business plan and be very intentional about who I'm targeting via [customer] profiles which I have never done before. Since we started, I've realized the several costly mistakes I've made to date.

Tracy M.
Event Planner

I was very much intrigued by the idea of having someone to guide me on this process to get the information that I needed to start my business. My favorite part about SMBI has been the outreach I've received not only from my mentor but from my fellow cohort.

Jessica C.
Career Coach

I joined the She Means Business Incubator to make sure that my passion was in line with common business practices so that I could impact a wider audience and help people further their careers. I didn't want to remain the best kept secret.

Eliana C.
Beauty Entrepreneur

My favorite part of the SMB incubator has definitely been working with my mentor. She has been so amazing throughout this entire journey. She has offered me some amazing resources and she has been with me every step of the way, providing guidance and really, really being an advocate for me and my business.

Devon S.
Yoga Teacher

I joined the She Means Business Incubator for a few reasons. Number one, it was something that I thought was practical for myself to do as a stay at home mom, it was something I could integrate into my lifestyle. The hours are not too demanding, but it creates the accountabilty and structure for me to actually get this done.

Maurelhena W.
Non-Profit Founder

My mentor has been really great and working with me and challenging me. But I don't just have access to my mentor. I have access to other mentors. In addition to that is just being in this group of like minds, hearing other people's challenges, hearing other people's opportunities and goals, it really is inspiring.

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Perspectives From
Our World Class Mentors


I had my first introduction calls to my mentees today and WOW I am so impressed by the quality, credibility, and energy from these women.

Jennifer Tsitsopolous

Cohort 1 Mentor

Cohort Fee

The She Means Business Incubator is tuition-based vs. equity-based. Similar to the college admission process, you must apply, and if accepted, a seat deposit and tuition fees are required (but don’t worry, it won’t cost nearly as much!). SMBI is a development opportunity for early-stage founders who are ready and willing to invest in business growth.

  • Partial Payment
  • $ 460
    5-Month Payment Plan
  • $300 Seat Deposit Due at Enrollment

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What makes SMBI different for other business incubators?

The She Means Business is an intensive 8-week program for womxn who have business ideas, but don’t know how to get them off the ground. We provide business development support that gives womxn access to best business practices and “know-how”. At SMBI, we don’t think it should take you months or years to formulate a business and make your first dollar. Participants who implement our methodology are able to accelerate the new entrepreneur learning curve and growth hack their success. Participants who successfully complete the program will gain access to our Alumni Network for ongoing support.

How are candidates selected?

Womxn accepted into SMBI will not only represent their brands, but they will represent SMBI and our partners. Additionally, we desire to work with womxn who are responsible for their own successes and failures. SMBI does not provide “done-for-you” services. Womxn who enroll in SMBI will be expected to have a primary role in the development of their business.

What type of businesses are eligible for the incubator?

SMBI works primarily with Online Service-Based Businesses & Tech Startups. We accept Tech Founders (in the areas of FinTech, EduTech & Beauty Tech), Online Service-Based Entrepreneurs, and those who offer digital products & courses.

Will SMBI own stake in my company or require equity?

Nope! We believe womxn entrepreneurs should retain their own equity (as much as possible). Even if you create a billion-dollar company, we won’t ask for a share.

Our Program Staff

Working daily to provide access and opportunity for womxn founders, one cohort at a time.

Elle Jones
Jennifer Tsitsopolous
Nagela Dales
Candra Reeves

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